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TITLE: Snowboarder Mag Oct 2002 "Local Knowledge"
DESCRIPTION: "June Mountain was my favorite place to ride this season. Due to Eric Rosenwald and his park crew, the mountain had consistently the best pipe, hands down. Eric cares more about his halfpipes than most mothers do about their children. Most top names would back me on this, like Ross Powers, who was spotted filming there on numerous occasions. The park is also superb, with jump and rail lines for all ablities from beginner to pro. June is a great place to go ride with some friends." - DANNY KASS "I'll say it right now - the June Park destroys Mammoth's boring, traffic jammed set up any day! It's also five times as long. Do the math! More hits, times two gnarly rail gardens, divided by chair 7's high speed quad equal positive and progressive riding!" - snowboarder staff writer
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